Frequently Asked Questions

What is land promotion?

Land promotion is identifying land suitable for development and securing the most viable planning permission in the shortest possible time for the site at the cost of the promoter.  The land is then placed on the open market and sold to the housebuilder who bids the most for the site with the sale proceeds shared between the landowner who receives the lions share and promoter.


What is greenfield and brownfield land?

Greenfield land is land which has not been previously built on, typically farm land.  In contrast, brownfield land is land which has been previously developed such as a factory site.  OBK will consider both greenfield and brownfield sites.


Why use OBK Land?

OBK are a privately owned and funded family run business with a proven track record in land and planning.  As a smaller company we offer a personal approach where we work with you towards maximising the planning potential of your land.  On the basis that we typically get no return until planning permission has been granted and your land is sold, we are fully invested in the process and maximising your land’s value and securing a sale as quickly as possible.


What will it cost me?

Nothing.  OBK are responsible for all the associated costs and fees relating to the planning journey.


Who will build the houses?

OBK are not builders or developers but we work very closely with national PLC housebuilders and SME developers who purchase the sites in an open bidding process once planning permission has been secured.