The Process

OBK has the experience and expertise to navigate the way through the planning system to determine the most suitable planning strategy for a site for obtaining a positive planning outcome.

Oliver, our Managing Director, will meet you at your site for a no-obligations appraisal of its planning potential and suitability for a Promotion & Sale Agreement.

We prefer to partner with landowners under a Promotion & Sale Agreement.  We know that obtaining planning can be a daunting and expensive undertaking therefore through this agreement we undertake to secure a planning permission at no cost to yourselves.  As part of any agreement, we will agree a split of the final sale proceeds with you.  If we don’t succeed it costs you nothing.

Our expertise in planning and land promotion gives you the peace of mind to place your land in experienced hands and with the final outcome allied between both of us – the best planning permission and the highest possible sale price for your land – you can rest assured we are working for you at all times.

Upon the granting of a successful planning permission, OBK will then undertake a sales and marketing campaign for your land with a view to selling it to a developer or housebuilder.  This is an open and transparent process where we will be working to achieve the maximum sale price for you.

If we are for any reason unsuccessful in obtaining a planning approval during the time agreed in the agreement then upon expiry of the agreement OBK will bear all the planning related costs making this as risk free to yourself as possible.

Our Projects